We are grateful to the many and varied companies that support our activities both here and overseas.We are constantly working to improve our cooperation and links with these and other corporate partners to encourage interaction of ideas, to operate joint activities to integrate corporate management training and team building exercises into the Pilgrim Bandits expeditions.

The activities can be an incredibly powerful tool for providing staff with common goals and inspiring them to overcome any obstacles by working as a team and relying on each other

Pilgrim Bandits is able deliver a successful corporate partnership with a company or a brand.

Depending on the objectives, Pilgrim Bandits can help to increase PR coverage, engage and motivate staff, assist with corporate and social responsibility objectives, strengthen the image of a brand or organisation which will ultimately drive bigger profits.

Pilgrim Bandits is actively seeking sustainable, mutually beneficial partnerships with the private sector that will help to spread the charities’ messages, raise valuable additional funding and inspire more individuals to take part in our ‘no sympathy’ challenges.

Please contact Pilgrim Bandits via or telephone 07702 852541 for additional information.