Pilgrim Bandits’ Curtis Palmer Program Applies For Charity Status Following Period Of Rapid Growth

Today we bring you the news that the Pilgrim Bandits’ Curtis Palmer Program has applied for its own charity status. This move comes as a direct result of the Program’s rapid growth and achievements in recent years in supporting injured emergency service personnel and those that have faced trauma on the line of duty. 

Over the years, we are proud to have helped over 200 emergency services members, and worked to support Officers from 16 different Police Forces. It has become clear to all of us at Pilgrim Bandits that there is the demand and need for more of the imperative work provided through the Curtis Palmer Program and it is now in a strong position to establish itself as a charity in its own right. 

When we first launched this branch of the charity, we recognised that members of the emergency services face dangerous and stressful situations every day and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, stress and mental health issues are on the rise. They often also suffer injuries in the workplace, some of them life- changing. It seemed to us that there are lots of similarities between these experiences and the types of trauma that we help injured servicemen and women overcome in the Armed Forces. 

The Curtis Palmer Program was formed to pair injured service personnel with police officers and emergency service professionals who had been through a similar trauma; the aim being to mentor and motivate them back into the workplace, using the same challenges that we set injured military veterans.

We would like to thank all of the charity’s supporters for helping us in our mission – to all of you who have fundraised, helped on expeditions or spread the word of what we have set out to achieve. It’s thanks to you that the Curtis Palmer Program is able to take this vital next step on its journey. 

Our National Police Lead, Inspector Isherwood commented: “The Curtis Palmer Program has grown to have helped over 200 service users and is the right time for it to launch as a fully-operating charity. It’s been an honour to work with Pilgrim Bandits over the years as an expedition planner, a trustee and in heading up this important branch of the charity. We look forward to an exciting future as we continue to raise the profile of the Curtis Palmer Program and support even more members of the emergency services in their time of need, through our confidence-building trips and events. 

“The door will always be open to military veterans on our expeditions and both Pilgrim Bandits and the Curtis Palmer Program will continue to work together to refer those that might benefit from the events and activities coordinated by each of the charities. I’d like to personally thank Pilgrim Bandits CEO, Matt Hellyer and the Board of Trustees for all they have taught me and the help they have given to making the Curtis Palmer Program what it is today.”

We wish the Curtis Palmer Program all the very best – we know that this is just the beginning! Have a look over on the Facebook page and continue to follow the progress of the Program – its members will soon be off kayaking in Norway!

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