Curtis Palmer Program for Police Personnel

Pilgrim Bandits recognises the dangerous and often stressful work carried out by the Policing Family. We understand that PTSD, stress and mental health related issues have increased within the Police and Emergency services. Officers nationwide are also daily suffering injuries, some life changing. Having worked for many years helping our Armed Forces servicemen and women suffering similar issues we have decided to extend our remit of help to the Policing family. The Charity is developing short and long term help/training via its expeditions and training programmes which will support the Policing Family. We are naming this project the “Curtis Palmer Programme” after an officer we helped with a brain tumour whose dying wish was to do a parachute jump. Our Mantra for the Armed Forces personnel we help is “Always a little further” and we believe that now extends to the Policing family.

Please download the form below, complete and return to the Charity via email

Curtis Palmer Programme Application form