Pilgrim Bandits Charity Talks Mental Health

Pilgrim Bandits has teamed up with Adam Elcock for a special episode of the ‘Another Mans Shoes’ podcast to discuss Mental Health and wellbeing.

At this difficult time, we know that there are many people who are struggling with loneliness, stress, depression and mental health issues such as PTSD. We want to reach out to them and offer our support.

The podcast features inspiring stories and candid interviews with military veterans and emergency service personnel who have struggled with their mental health over the years. These include those that have been helped and supported through Pilgrim Bandits’ and The Curtis Palmer Program’s life-changing training weekends and expeditions. They share their personal experiences and strategies for how they cope with their battles, offering advice as to how others can do the same.

Please have a listen below and share with all those that might need to hear its important messages right now.

If you are struggling or feeling troubled at this time, please reach out to us or talk to a friend. You are not alone, we are in this together and we want to help you.

Contact sales@pilgrimbandits.org

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